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Calle Sanchez Pastor, 3, Málaga, Spain
2200 Reseñas 4.1

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Horarios de apertura

Lunes 11:00 - 01:00

Martes 11:00 - 01:00

Miércoles 11:00 - 01:00

Jueves 11:00 - 01:00

Viernes 11:00 - 01:00

Sábado 11:00 - 01:00

Domingo 11:00 - 01:00




5 /5 Valoración media

la reserva del pastor está en una ubicación central de maravilla. el servicio es excelente, así como la calidad de los platos. entramos por recomendación de algunos amigos y ha sido totalmente un éxito, los platos muy completos y el precio no es malo por la cantidad que ponen. Es un lugar acogedor para repetir de nuevo.

5 /5 Valoración media

Hemos celebrado nuestra comida de compañía y nunca salió mejor un evento. el personal inmejorable, y tengo que destacar en el antonio, a cargo de todo ser perfecto, como sucedió. Nos ayudó con cada petición que le hicimos. Amabilidad 10.T instalaciones, 100 personas de las cuales sólo escucho excelentes comentarios. Gracias a todo el equipo de la reserva del siglo, fue inolvidable gracias a su trabajo y simpatía.

5 /5 Valoración media

Hemos celebrado la comida navideña en la reserva del siglo y no nos ha decepcionado. Hemos comido tipo de cóctel y la comida era buena, así como el vino que no me ha dado una resaca. el sitio es ancho y hemos estado abajo.

3 /5 Valoración media

I would not really complain about the food. We had some vegetables as starter and then fish (rape for my wife and merluza for me) "a la planchà, non of our dishes had any faults, but they were also not surprising or in any way outstanding. The restaurant is quite large and my estimation is that inside it might accommodate about 80 guests, only three other tables were occupied, one by other tourists and two locals (judging from the accent). So it was extremely quiet and you felt a bit lost. There were two waiters the younger one wore adidas sweatpants (navy blue with orange stripes) under his white jacket. Our waiter was much older, he was friendly and mostly professional. Nevertheless it should be clear that a waiter wears a clean jacket and not one stained with what looked like a mixture of tomato and saffron. In addition, the trio of his big belly, his tight fitting jacket and our wine bottle in the cooler performed a rather captivating choreography: Waiter leans over to put plate of fried aubergines on table, belly pushes bottle towards table, plate is placed on table, hem of jacket catches neck of bottle, waiter steps back from table, bottle is pulled back into original position. Well there can be worse experiences in Málaga, but you should keep in mind, that the La Reserva restaurants are all part of a chain of about ten restaurants in the area. I would say you can definitely feel they are not run by a family or an individual who work hard in their own business.

5 /5 Valoración media

from all restaurants near the center of Malaga this was the best meal we had (we were in and around for a week). the personal was at the top. very attentive. we ordered the set and the value was immense. gazpacho, black medals and flan or ice. Wee recommended paired well and they have coffee for after the meal detension. nothing fell short and they seem really well occupied, and take care of what they do. If time and again in Malaga, we will definitely return.

5 /5 Valoración media

this restaurant knows what they do. the staff is very nice and helpful. the place is clean and organized. it is not a great device, but it is inviting. eating is excellent. croquetas were moist on the inside a perfectly crunchy on the outside. the jamon iberico and the Manchego cheese was top notch the wine selection was excellent yelp now, as I have geld a dae, I know what a cool application this really is. yelp has become my way to the website when I go to a new city all over the world. I also have the ability to communicate with yelp friends from all over the world when I travel to a new city to get advice where to eat and also for business information. yelp is also a great opportunity to track her experiences in pastness and it has become a digital record where I have been and how much I enjoyed this place. yelp is also really great to connect with people in their own city to see what is going on and what is fun and what restaurants are new and exciting. try it, they can enjoy very well, to become a heel too.

5 /5 Valoración media

a Spanish friend from marbella recommended this place and his really great! definitely recommend. very friendly staff and good food (good sangria and the paella is fantastic! the prices are good.

4 /5 Valoración media

Los platos que pedimos eran excelentes. Precio medio/alto pero si lo que degustas merece la pena es algo inevitable. No pongo 5 estrellas por la saturación y el servicio algo lento, pero es un restaurante muy conocido y cuando vas ya sabes lo que te espera.